Mystic Circuits

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  • Mystic Circuits ANA 2

    Mystic Circuits ANA 2

    37,142円 [通常販売価格: 37,900円]

    ANA 2 is a cross modulation powerhouse that derives nine different analog logic operations in tandem…

  • Mystic Circuits IDUM

    Mystic Circuits IDUM

    47,922円 [通常販売価格: 48,900円]

    Algorithmic. Powerful. Outrageous. Details ‍IDUM is a gate processing effect that turns its inpu…

  • Mystic Circuits 3DVCA

    Mystic Circuits 3DVCA

    37,142円 [通常販売価格: 37,900円]

    Powerful. Versatile. Chainable.DetailsDesigned to be a highly customizable connection matrix, 3DVCA …

  • Mystic Circuits Leaves Expander

    Mystic Circuits Leaves Expander

    29,302円 [通常販売価格: 29,900円]

    Versatile. Chainable. Rainbow. Details Leaves is a versatile voltage sequencing expander for Tre…

  • Mystic Circuits Tree

    Mystic Circuits Tree

    41,062円 [通常販売価格: 41,900円]

    Algorithmic. Analog. Slim. Details Tree is an advanced sequential switch and gate sequencer. Wit…

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