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  •  2hp Loop -Sound On Sound Looper 次回入荷分

    2hp Loop -Sound On Sound Looper 次回入荷分


    Loop is a high fidelity looper with four unique recording modes and an intuitive user interface. It …

  •  2hp Powered Lunchbox

    2hp Powered Lunchbox


    Patch Prep the way you want with the Powered Lunchbox. With twenty-one 2.5mm square mounting nuts, 8…

  •  2hp Synth Voice SYSTEM 要予約

    2hp Synth Voice SYSTEM 要予約


    The Synth Voice Lunchbox system brings the signature sounds of subtractive synthesis to your workflo…

  •  2hp Drum Machine SYSTEM 要予約

    2hp Drum Machine SYSTEM 要予約


    The essential sounds for a full modular percussion section; kick, snare, and hat, with onboard mixer…

  •  2hp Effects Rack SYSTEM 要予約

    2hp Effects Rack SYSTEM 要予約


    The ultimate effects send to bring your sounds to life. With DSP onboard each effect, high fidelity …

  •  2hp Picnic Basket SYSTEM 要予約

    2hp Picnic Basket SYSTEM 要予約


    The Flagship Lunchbox. Containing 3 voices, a 16 step sequencer, 2 modulations sources, a multimode…

  •  2hp Comp

    2hp Comp


    Comp is a high fidelity compressor featuring numerous controls and a sidechain input. Dial in the pe…

  •  2hp Grain

    2hp Grain


    2hp Grain is a high fidelity audio processor focused on granular synthesis. It's capable of generati…

  •  2hp Buff 次回入荷分

    2hp Buff 次回入荷分


    The 2hp Buff is a buffered multiple capable of splitting an input signal to multiple outputs. Due to…

  •  2hp DC

    2hp DC


    The 2hp DC is a voltage offset generator. It creates three channels of offset voltages, each with a …

  •  2hp Bell

    2hp Bell


    Bell is a melodic percussion generator based on modal synthesis. By synthesizing the vibrations of c…

  •  2hp Sine

    2hp Sine


    Sine is a harmonically pure VCO with two distinct outputs. The primary output contains a perfect…

  •  2hp  PLAY

    2hp PLAY


    Play is a high fidelity sample player with a full feature set. Up to 32 samples can be loaded a…

  •  2hp  vowel

    2hp vowel


    Vowel is a speech synthesis and formant oscillator. It synthesizes and approximates the human voice …

  •  2hp MMF 次回入荷分

    2hp MMF 次回入荷分


    MMF is an analog, multimode filter with a 12dB per octave slope. Its sonic character swings all the …

  •  2hp  PLUCK 次回入荷分

    2hp PLUCK 次回入荷分


    Pluck is a physical modeling synth voice. It uses the Karplus-Strong algorithm to create plucked str…

  •  2hp  VCO

    2hp VCO


    VCO is the much anticipated replacement for the Osc. It is a CEM3340 based analog oscillator with …

  •  2hp   LFO v2

    2hp LFO v2


    LFO v2. New layout, twice the functionality, and price reduction. Added dedicated output for the…

  •  2hp   Rnd v2  次回入荷分

    2hp Rnd v2  次回入荷分


    Rnd v2. New layout, new types of random,Price reduction. added smooth random voltage output, revampe…

  •  2hp  Snare

    2hp Snare


    Snare goes from short blips to 909 hits and everywhere in between. More than just a typical snare so…

  •  2hp  Kick

    2hp Kick


    Kick is a bass drum synthesizer with a dramatic timbral range. Its flexible synthesis engine ranges …

  •  2hp  Hat

    2hp Hat


    Hat is a hi-hat cymbal with a wild side. Finding something unique is easy with a blend of sounds ran…

  •  2hp   VCA

    2hp VCA


    The 2hp VCA is a dual, linear VCA. It uses the renowned 2164 SSM architecture, giving it extremely l…

  •  2hp   FREEZ

    2hp FREEZ


    Freez is a voltage controlled locked looper. It captures moments of audio in buffers, where they can…

  •  2hp  EUCLID

    2hp EUCLID


    Euclid is a rhythmic pattern generator based on ideas originally presented by Euclid, the Greek math…

  •  2hp  ARP

    2hp ARP


    Arp is a gate-driven arpeggiator with a multitude of chord types and playback modes. Voltage control…

  •  2hp  SWITCH

    2hp SWITCH


    Switch is a voltage controlled signal router that is great for audio and CV signals. With four input…

  •  2hp  UNITY 次回入荷分

    2hp UNITY 次回入荷分


    Unity is a dual unity mixer with two sets of three inputs. Its versatile normalling behavior allows …

  •  2hp   AVERT

    2hp AVERT


    AVert is a dual attenuverter. Each channel offers the ability to attenuate and invert any input sign…

  •  2hp   Comb

    2hp Comb


    Comb is an IIR peaking comb filter with control over cutoff frequency, resonance that can be driven …

  •  2hp   FREEZ

    2hp FREEZ


    Freez is a voltage controlled locked looper. It captures moments of audio in buffers, where they can…

  •  2hp   TM 次回入荷分

    2hp TM 次回入荷分


    TM is a probabilistic random sequence generator based on the research of Alan Turing. His Turing mac…

  •  2hp   S+H

    2hp S+H


    S+H is an analog sample and hold with two independent channels. Great for generating random voltages…

  •  2hp   VCA

    2hp VCA


    The 2hp VCA is a dual, linear VCA. It uses the renowned 2164 SSM architecture, giving it extremely l…

  •  2hp   Rout

    2hp Rout


    Rout is a voltage controlled gate switch. The signal present at the input can be sent to one of four…

  •  2hp   EG

    2hp EG


    EG is a full featured two-stage envelope generator. In addition to a colossal range from 3ms to 11 m…

  •  2hp   Clk

    2hp Clk


    Clk is a voltage controlled clock generator with all of the features a master clock needs. It has an…

  •  2hp   ADSR 次回入荷分

    2hp ADSR 次回入荷分


    ADSR is a four stage linear envelope with two expressive ranges. Each stage can be modified independ…

  •  2hp   Mix

    2hp Mix


    Mix is a 4 channel mixer that is great for audio or control voltage signals. Up to four inputs can b…

  •  2hp   MIDI

    2hp MIDI


    MIDI is a plug and play solution for interfacing with your computer or MIDI hardware. Four modes pro…

  •  2hp   LPF

    2hp LPF


    LPF is a four-pole, voltage controlled low-pass filter. Its 24 dB per octave slope and OTA topology …

  •  2hp   Delay

    2hp Delay


    Delay is a flexible, full-featured delay audio processor. CV over all parameters provides dynamic ac…

  •  2hp   Verb

    2hp Verb


    Verb is a lush stereo reverb with a full feature set and superior audio quality. A wide range of rev…

  •  2hp   Tune

    2hp Tune


    Tune is a multi-scale pitch quantizer. It features 11 scales ranging from chromatic to octatonic wit…

  •  2hp   Trim

    2hp Trim


    Trim is a 2 channel passive attenuator. It features two individual channels of attenuation. Great…

  •  2hp   Mult

    2hp Mult


    Mult is a 2 input, 6 output signal splitter. Channel 1 is normalled to channel 2 when no cable is pr…

  •  2hp   Logic

    2hp Logic


    Logic is a 2 channel, boolean gate operator. It provides two unique logic operations: AND and OR. Th…

  •  2hp   Div

    2hp Div


    Div is a 2 channel, voltage controlled clock divider and multiplier. Incoming clock signals can be m…

  •  2hp   Osc

    2hp Osc

    Osc is a voltage controlled, analog oscillator with an extremely wide frequency range. Simultaneous …

  •  2hp   Nse (売却済)

    2hp Nse (売却済)

    12,675円 [通常販売価格: 16,900円]

    Nse is a white noise generator. The sample rate of the noise can be adjusted allowing for a wide ran…

  •  2hp   Filt

    2hp Filt


    Filt is a voltage controlled, analog, multimode filter. Its output swings all the way from classic l…

  •  2hp   Mix

    2hp Mix


    Mix is a 4 channel mixer that is great for audio or control voltage signals. Up to four inputs can b…

  •  2hp   Seq

    2hp Seq


    Seq is a 16 step sequencer that is great for controlling oscillators, filters, and anything with a C…

  •  2hp   Brst

    2hp Brst


    Brst is a voltage controlled burst generator and trigger delay. Upon receipt of a gate signal, Brst …

  •  2hp   3:1 (3 to 1)

    2hp 3:1 (3 to 1)


    3:1 is a voltage controlled switch. It allows the user to send one of three input signals to a singl…

  •  2hp   Rnd v1(中古)

    2hp Rnd v1(中古)

    10,425円 [通常販売価格: 13,900円]

    Rnd is a random voltage generator and random gate source with an internal clock. The output is a qua…

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