Endorphin.es Grand Terminal デュアル マルチモード フィルター

Endorphin.es Grand Terminal デュアル マルチモード フィルター

Grand Terminal
26 HP width, up to 1” in depth
two voltage controlled gates with 8 resonant filter modes (ladder, diode, lpg, state variable, comb) chained in dual, stereo or serial combination each with own volume and panning.
cabin pressure processor with 8 selected cabin fever effects
dual voltage controlled AD/AR/looping envelope generators with arbitrary voltage controlled slope shapes: from EXP to LIN to LOG without stretching the length of a certain slope
1 volt per octave control over envelopes in looping mode (to use the envelopes as band-limited oscillators)
don’t forget the stereo – dedicated stereo and mono outputs to connect headphones, route into the Cockpit (our new mixer modules) or record into line-in of your sound blaster.
easy firmware update via USB on PC/MAC compatible with any Gateway



Endorphin.es Grand Terminal デュアル マルチモード フィルター

販売価格: 72,900円

重さ: 2lb


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