Malekko DOWNER


DOWNER combines the power of wavefolding or saturation, pitch shifting down to one octave, and both high-pass and low-pass filters all in one compact package with just 6 knobs. The PREAMP drives the Wavefolding or Saturation from subtle to extreme. The BLEND control adjusts the Dry/Octave balance from 100% Dry to 100% Octave. the High-pass and Low-pass filters allow for sculpting the perfect tone. Add the ability to assign an expression pedal to your own combinations and settings within these features and in one sweep, you can dial your tone from classic, heavy fuzz to screaming experimental madness!

Features include:
Saturation or Wavefolding
Control over Octave Down (detune to one full octave down)
Control over Octave blend (up to 100%)
Separate High and Low-pass filtering
Preamp level control
Assignable expression pedal control to any combination of all controls and settings

WEIGHT 0.64 lbs
DIMENSIONS 5.5 x 2.25 x 2.5 inPOWER

9v DC adapter (neg tip) or internal battery snap.
Current draw is 50mA.

Malekko DOWNER

販売価格: 31,900円

重さ: 2lb


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