Qu-Bit Electronix SURFACE - ステレオ マルチ ティンバー シンセボイス

Qu-Bit Electronix SURFACE - ステレオ マルチ ティンバー シンセボイス

Surface is a multi-timbral physical modeling voice capable of emulating the sonic qualities of acoustic instruments or morphing into otherworldly synthetic textures. Physical models contain plucked strings, prepared piano, and an assortment of melodic percussion, with up to 8 voices of polyphony. Creating a sense of space is easy with the true stereo outputs and configurable spatialization modes.

Surface provides a unique take on physical modeling which blurs the line between emulation and synthesis to create entirely new worlds of sound. 

  • Multi-timbral Physical Modeling Voice

  • Various sound models: plucked strings, prepared piano, tuned percussion, and waveguides

  • 8 Voice Polyphony

  • True stereo outputs with unique spatialization modes

Download the manual here.

Tech specs:

Width: 10HP

Depth: 28mm

Power: +12V: 60mA, -12V: 60mA, +5V: 0mA

Qu-Bit Electronix SURFACE - ステレオ マルチ ティンバー シンセボイス

販売価格: 32,900円

重さ: 1lb

Face Plate 色:

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