BEFACO PERCALL / VC Quad Decay & 4 チャンネルミキサー 次回入荷分

BEFACO PERCALL / VC Quad Decay & 4 チャンネルミキサー

Assembled Version of our Percall module, ready to mount in your rack.

Package include 12″ power cable and Knurlies screws.

Percall is a percussive oriented module that will shape four different sound sources into percussive sounds.

Percall has four VCAs with dedicated decay envelopes and a mixer, so you can prepare a percussion submix. Added strength input will provide extra dynamics to the sounds!

To round up the module, audio inputs are normaled from one to two and from three to four, spicing them up with choke control. This allow to create open and closed Hats or kind of side-chained baselines with your kick


Four VCAs with dedicated decay envelope.
CV control over envelope decays.
Individual outputs for each envelope
Volume control per channel and normaled Mix out.
Strenght input affecting all four channels.
Audio Input 1 normaled to Input 2. Audio input 3 normaled to input 4.
Choke contrrols, binding Channel one with two and three with four.
BEFACO PERCALL / VC Quad Decay & 4 チャンネルミキサー 次回入荷分

販売価格: 33,900円

重さ: 1lb


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