Touché & Lié Description :

Touché is an expressive instrument that allows you to control the sound of your synthesizers with the pressure of your hand. With its four independent shiings, you can do a wide variety of sensitive and intuitive gestures : percussive rhythms, progressive slides, vibratos...

Touché can be linked to any synthesizer with its built-in CV, MIDI and USB outputs, and with Lié, you can configure what CC messages and voltages Touché sends.

Lié works hand in hand with Touché in a clear, simple workflow. Lié is a host of plug-ins and is available in both VST and AU flavours, making it compatible with all major DAWs.

Lié has advanced features like sensitivity curves, speedmapping, min/max values, CV voltages editing, MIDI CC editing, internal memory managing, preset recalling, tags...

Lié also comes with tailor-made sounds and configurations for a selection of synthesisers, as well as tools to make your own hardware and so ware presets.

All of Lié’s provided so ware presets were made in partnership with UVI Falcon, and are ready to be played within UVI Workstation, included in Lié’s package.

Touché and Lié offers a completely integrated solution at the heart of your rig.

Tech Specs :

Lié, compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and later
Lié is available in VST and AU formats, and can host VSTi plug-ins. Bundled with UVI Workstation
Over 150 presets for UVI Workstation and other third-party plug-ins

4 x independent expression shiing, with force feedback and sensitivity setting. 1 x USB Socket
4 x 1/8" (3.5mm) CV/Gate outputs
1 x 1/8" (3.5mm) MIDI Input (jack socket with MIDI break-out cable)

1 x 1/8" (3.5mm) MIDI Output (jack socket with MIDI break-out cable)
Touché is USB bus powered
Independently configurable CV signal curve and min/max voltages (up to -10V to 10V.)

Independently configurable MIDI CC messages for each shiing.

Dimensions 246 x 100 x 62 mm / 9,7” x 3,9” x 2,4” Instrument weight 770g / 1,7 lbs

Box Content :

1 x USB Cable
2 x Break-out cable MIDI adaptors 1 x Ground loop adaptor
Quick Start Guide
Technical Guide

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