4ms Buff Mult

Basic features

Two independant buffered multiples, normaled together
Each channel has one input and three outputs that are high-grade copies of the original
Each channel has a bi-color LED to indicate positive (white) or negative (red) signal
Video-rate opamps, for greatest bandwidth of any buffered mult. Fully compatible with LZX and video signals
Bottom channel is normalized to top channel, for a 1-to-6 multiple
Useful for detecting signals, troubleshooting patches, isolating modules, preventing "thump" or glitches during live patching, and protecting outputs
Module size:
The 4ms Buffered Mult is 3HP and 0.75 inches (18mm) deep.

Power consumption:

+12V rail: 13mA
-12V rail: 13mA
+5V rail: Not used (0mA)

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4ms Buff Mult

販売価格: 8,900円

重さ: 1lb


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