Erica Synths Sample Drum

Sample Drum is 14HP eurorack sample player module with straight-forward, intuitive interface, functionality and great sound quality, designed with live performance use in mind.
Sample playback with fast trigger response (~1ms)
Various effects for real time sample processing
Sample recording functionality
Manual and automatic sample slicing
Cue point loading from WAV files
1V/Oct tracking
3 assignable CV inputs per channel
Preset memory
User-friendly interface
Performance mode
16 GB SD card with factory preset samples included
The Sample Drum is composed of two identical parts and allows you to play back, record and slice up samples or loops directly in your modular system. For processing there are different play modes, tuning functions (including 1 V/Oct pitch tracking), virtual VCAs plus AD envelopes and realtime effects. Three freely assignable CV inputs per channel guarantee a lot of expression during performance. 16bit mono wav samples are loaded into RAM (32MB / ~ 5 minutes of sampling time) from SD card (16 GB SD card with factory preset samples comes with the module) for instantaneous playback response. All settings can be saved and recalled during live performance.

The Sample Drum comes with free factory preset sample pack developed by producers Pitch Black, Nero Bellum, T.Raumschmiere, Otto von Schirach, Raitis AG. If you use your own samples in the Sample Drum, you take all responsibility on complying with copyright laws. Please read the End User Agreement below!

Audio output amplitude 10Vptp
Octave range C0 – C8
RAM size 32Mb, 5 minutes of samples
Sample rate 48kHz, 16bit
Sample recording rate 48kHz, 12bit
CV input range (configurable) 5V - +5V
Panel width 14HP
Panel width 30mm
Power consumption 65mA@+12V, 2mA@-12V

User Manual 

End User Agreement


Firmware アップデートの仕方:

Power off the Sample Drum. Copy the latest firmware file to the root directory of the SD card and insert the SD card in the module and power it on. The module will automatically detect the latest firmware version on the SD card and compare it with the one installed.
サンプルドラムの電源を切ります。 最新のファームウェアファイルをSDカードのルートディレクトリにコピーし、モジュールにSDカードを挿入して電源を入れます。

Push the encoder A/DATA to initiate the firmware update procedure or push the encoder C to quit the firmware update. Only the firmware files will be replaced, all settings and samples on the SD card and in the module will remain unchanged.
ファームウェアのアップデート手順を開始するにはエンコーダA / DATAを押します、ファームウェアのアップデートを中止するにはエンコーダCを押してください。 ファームウェアファイルのみが置き換えられ、SDカードとモジュール内のすべての設定とサンプルは変更されません。

Once the update is completed press the A encoder or power off the module and power it on again. Enjoy the great features of the latest firmware!
アップデートが完了したらAエンコーダを押す、もしくはモジュールの電源を切り、もう一度電源を入れます。 最新のファームウェアの優れた機能をお楽しみください!

Also after updating to 1.7 please perform the CV input auto calibration:
1) Remove cables from all CV inputs!
2) Go to -> Settings -> General -> Press the encoder E

1. すべてのCV入力からケーブルを外します!
2. Go to -> 設定 -> 一般 -> エンコーダ Eを押す
Erica Synths Sample Drum

販売価格: 40,900円

重さ: 1lb


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