Make Noise Records MNR 004: Keith Fullerton Whitman

A: “Vehement Denial”
B: “Platelets”

Recorded at ASH VAN, Cambridge, MA, March-April 2013.
Instrument: Make Noise Shared System

… borrowing a bit from the techniques that Pauline Oliveros used in her earliest pieces, I started by running the Wogglebug at audio-rates, using the smooth & stepped outputs as an fm-source for the DPO running at sub-bass frequencies & patching the clock into the Rene running a diatonic sequence. The various wrap-around heterodynings essentially added a third “voice” to the patch & the resultant “tonal” rhythms started resolving themselves in nice ways, reminding me a bit of the sort(s) of experiments with drum-programming I carried out in the mid-90’s whilst I was still recording as “Hrvatski” … there was enough gain in the input of the Phonogene to preamp a small battery-powered microphone, which was getting a real-time feedback loop of the sounds the Skiff was creating, plus a little bit of drone-singing & in-situ Concrète-sound - both track were recorded in real-time to a PCM recorder, a digital dictaphone, and a cassette walkman …

Sleeve design by Zach Smith.
Printed by Kelly Kelbel

Keith Fullerton Whitman

Make Noise Records MNR 004: Keith Fullerton Whitman

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