4ms Eurorack Noise Swash DIY キット

4ms Eurorack Noise Swash DIY キット

The Eurorack Noise Swash is a chaotic random noise-maker and CV generator, generating its own sounds or working as an audio processor. As a stand-alone device it generates unpredictable continuously morphing oscillations on the Audio Output jack, and random CV fluctuations out the dual-direction "Mood CV" jack. A second CV input jack controls the Swash and Noisegate sections with positive and negative CV voltage. An audio input jack allows for distorting an audio signal beyond recognition, or using audio to trigger and modulate the chaos. The Swash knob is a 10-turn Bournes pot for adjusting minor variations. Each Swash sounds different and has unique artwork.

The Eurorack Noise Swash consumes about 40mA of power and occupies 16 H.P. of space.

4ms Eurorack Noise Swash DIY キット

販売価格: 15,200円

重さ: 2lb


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