Maneco Labs GRONE 2 dark drone machine  ユーロラック  

Blocks description


Generates sound based on equations converted to analog signals, there are sixteen equations selected by Up and Down switches. Four leds indicate equation number in binary mode. Three Pots modify numbers used by the equation, A0, A1 and A2, fourth pot Sample Rate controls pitch and speed of the oscillation. There’s an Output Level pot for the oscillator and a dedicated jack for patching the Oscillator sound to external modules.


White noise with noise level pot and noise output jack.


MS20 resonant low pass filter, with CUT frequency pot control, RESONANCE, MODULATION1 amount pot, input and output jacks and second cv input for cutoff, labeled MOD2


Low frequency oscillator routed to MOD1 from VCF, RATE and WAVEFORM shape Pots.

Also routed to delay block1

Waveforms are: ramp up, ramp down, square, triangle, sine, sweep, random levels, random slopes


Delay with tap tempo and reverse component: controls for delay time, delay feedback, delay level and reverse component, tap tempo input jack for external control

Reverb with freeze button, controls for reverb level and reverb decay, input jack for freeze function
Maneco Labs GRONE 2 dark drone machine  ユーロラック  

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重さ: 2lb


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