BEFACO VCMC -ボルテージ コントロールド MIDI コントローラー

BEFACO VCMC -ボルテージ コントロールド MIDI コントローラー

MIDI 機材をボルテージコントロール!

BEFACO VCMC -Voltage Controlled MIDI Controller

Perfect bridge between your Eurorack & Midi gear!!!


VCMC is a voltage controlled MIDI controller.
A fully editable MIDI controller with eight faders and push buttons. Each of them with a CV or Gate input associated to automate their functioning via external signals or to be configured independently for further control.
Each control on VCMC can be edited on its OLED screen and will be output either via DIN-5 or USB as a class compilant MIDI device.


- Class-compliant USB MIDI and DIN5 connectors.

- 10 CV inputs And 8 gate inputs.

- 8 Faders and 8 Buttons.

- Controls fully mappable to any MIDI message (CC, Notes, Program change, Clock, ST/SP, NRPN...)

- Configurations saved both in internal memory and via sysex.
BEFACO VCMC -ボルテージ コントロールド MIDI コントローラー

販売価格: 37,900円

重さ: 2lb


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