3Leaf Audio Doom 2 

アップグレードされた最新DOOM 2が登場!

DOOM 2は入力信号をビンテージシンセサイザーのノコギリ波に似たものに変えるオリジナルファズ回路です。大抵のファズスタイルの回路とは異なり、DOOM 2は演奏テクニックに反応しノートのダイナミクスを保持します。




DOOM 2はあらゆる楽器で動作するフルレンジ出力がありますが、スタンダードバージョンはベースギターやシンセサイザーなどの低周波楽器に最適化されています。

縦横幅:64mm x 118 mm

DOOM 2 is an original fuzz circuit that turns your input signal into something resembling the sawtooth wave of a vintage synthesizer. Unlike most fuzz-style circuits, DOOM 2 responds to your playing technique and retains note dynamics.

New for version 2 is the you’re / your switch. You’re is the classic DOOM sound - strong upper harmonics, a mid-focused sound, and octavia / ring modulator effects as you play up the neck. Your is a new mode that has a stronger fundamental, more low end and fewer harmonics. This mode sounds more like a traditional fuzz.

Also new is the bass control. This is actually a clean volume control or a bass control depending on the position of the bass / clean switch. In clean mode, the bass control passes your full range clean signal through to the output. In bass mode, an active crossover passes only your clean low frequencies to mix with the fuzz circuit. The result is a fat, cohesive sound.

To top things off, the shape switch from the original has been replaced with a variable mid control. Now you can fine tune your presence and sit anywhere in the mix.

DOOM 2 has a full range output that works on any instrument, but the standard version is optimized for low frequency instruments like bass guitar and synthesizer.

Footprint: 64 x 118 mm
3Leaf Audio Doom 2 

販売価格: 27,900円

重さ: 2lb


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