WMD Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF)

The WMD Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF) was conceptualized as the first expansion for the Phase Displacement Oscillator.

It is designed to eliminate aliasing and stair-step distortion from the Digital to Analog converters. We opted to make this a seperate module because it is useful by itself as well as coupled with the PDO.

our 4-pole filters
Channel to Channel Freq +-0.5%
Switched Capacitor Design
Butterworth Response Curve
CV Input
Frequency Offset Knob
Clock Input/Output
Mix Output
Low-Frequency Limit Jumper
4 HP
Great for Pre & Post Filtering

Controls and I/O
CV Input - This input is roughly calibrated to 1v/octave. It drives a vactrol that will cause the QAAF to open quickly and close slowly.

Freq Knob - This knob controls the cutoff directly or acts as a bias/level shift control for the CV input.

CLK - This jack serves as a clock input or output, directly controlling the filter's frequencies at a ratio of 100:1. A jumper on the back (lower jumper) selects it's mode. Jump for clock output, leave open for clock input.

Inputs 1-4 - Audio Inputs, these are normaled from the expansion header going to the PDO. This normal is broken by plugging into these jacks.

Outputs 1-4 - These jacks are for each channel's outut.

Mix - This output is a sum of each channel's filtered input.

Frequency Limit Jumper - This rear jumper (upper set of pins) will limit the low frequency cutoff to about 300Hz. This will stop the QAAF from producing aliasing noise itself as it's clock frequency will be limited to 30kHz. Jump for limiting, leave open to disable.

Other Notable Things
The QAAF is 4HP.
Current consumption is 35mA for the +12 rail; 35mA for the -12 rail.
The depth from the back of the panel is roughly 40mm.
The QAAF is warranted for 12 months after purchase. But please contact us if you ever have problems. We will take care of you.


WMD Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF)

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