Malekko Eurorack POWER

EuroRack Power Supply & Distribution Bus
Malekko Power for EuroRack has finally arrived! Utilizing a unique power architecture with switching power supplies cascaded to four pairs of linear regulators, it is designed for low noise and stability. With separate regulator pairs per output quadrant, noisier modules can be isolated from the rest of your rig. For installation instructions and more info please visit:
22 shrouded EuroRack power header outputs
4 Layer PCB with continuous ground plane
+12V & -12V outputs at over 1.6 Amps each
+5V output at 1 Amp

WEIGHT 1 lbs
DIMENSIONS 14 x 6 x 2 in



Malekko Eurorack POWER

販売価格: 26,500円

重さ: 3lb


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