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60 セカンドディレイはフリッパートロニクススタイルのループディレイ!







もともとオリジナル(リイシューではない)のエレハモの16 Second Digital Delayにインスパイアされています。とりわけ”on/active”になっていない時でも常時入力信号を聞いています。


ディレイタイム・インフィニットホールド・Fast/Slow クロックセッティング(FastSlowの倍速)・フットスイッチ方向転換(リバースプレーバック)のLFOモジュレーションが有ります。







What is it? Well, it's a delay. Pretty obvious, right? Well...it's a delay and a little more. The 60 Second Delay is a "Frippertronics" style looping delay. What's that mean? Notice there's no record/play footswitch. It's essentially like setting up a long tape loop or just having an old school delay with excessive amounts of memory. Which means changing the delay time changes the sampling rate, just like analog delays and early digital units. It's great for long evolving soundscapes and experiments.


The features were inspired by the original EHX 16 Second Digital Delay (not the reissue). Notably, it is always listening to the input signal even when not "on/active". It has LFO modulation of delay time, infinite hold, Fast/Slow clock settings (Fast is running at twice the speed of slow), and foot switchable direction (reverse playback). However, it is not a clone and bears little resemblance to the EHX electronically.


It sounds sweet and is a load of fun! Much more than a looping delay, it can also do modulated echoes, chorus-y things, flange-y things and has one or two unique tricks.


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