4ms Mini Noise Swash DIY キット

4ms Mini Noise Swash DIY キットを組み立てる全てのパーツが入ってます...

Kits include:
all components (resistors, capacitors, LEDs, ICs, transistors, sockets, jacks, pots, knob covers, switches, clips, etc..)
PCB (optional, see below)
drilled cast aluminum or steel box (optional)
26-guage pre-bonded wire
Instructions (online at commonsound)
Tech support via the forum
You supply:

all tools (soldering iron, solder, wire snips, wire strippers, and perhaps needlenose pliers and screwdrivers)
patience... especially if it's your first kit!

"Pro" green board, doubled sided traces with legend
PC board mounting pots to save wiring
Fits in 4" square box or larger
Controls for: Swash, Noisegate, Volume, Pregain, Postgain, Tone, Preclip, Postclip, Low Power, a nd Self-osc.
4ms Mini Noise Swash DIY キット

販売価格: 14,500円

重さ: 3lb


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