3Leaf Audio The Octabvre MKll

3Leaf Audio The Octabvre MKll
・クラシックな Boss OC-2 サウンドや Mutron サウンドをクリエイト
・Sub Octave Sound Solo 専用のボリュームコントロール
・MK llにはチューニングトグルスイッチが足されました、Standard or Tim Lefebvre

The Octabvre MKII takes the circuit from the original and adds a toggle switch that selects between the original sound and the popular "Tim tuning" modification to bassist Tim Lefebvre's personal Octabvre. Simply pronounced "octave," it is a dual mode analog octaver that adds a harmonically rich sub octave to your instrument.

The Octabvre features a tone knob that alters the character of the sub octave. At one end it replicates the classic tone of the Boss OC-2, and at the other end it captures the gritty sub sound of the Mutron Octave. A second footswitch with a dedicated volume control solos the sub octave for 808-inspired sounds.

The Octabvre utilizes soft-touch relay bypass switching for bulletproof operation and is powered by a standard 9vDC power supply.

Footprint: 122 x 103 mm


3Leaf Audio The Octabvre MKll

販売価格: 28,900円

重さ: 3lb


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