4ms Row Power 40

Row Power is a clean, regulated, and protected power solution for eurorack systems. Row Power 40 provides 40W of power, suited for up to two typical eurorack rows:

+12V @ 1.5A
-12V @ 1.3A
+5V @ 1.5A
Simply plug a universal power supply (laptop style) into either of the barrel plugs on the 4HP panel. Connect your modules via flying-bus cables or the Bus Stick.

Daisy-chain multiple Row Powers to use a single power brick for multiple rows (typically 3-5 rows per power brick). Each row will be independently regulated and protected for ultra-low cross-talk between rows. Rows can also be hot-swapped (plugged/unplugged without powering the whole system down).


Two power jacks for daisy-chaining multiple ROW POWERS: a common laptop-style power brick could power 3-5 rows (typical)
On/off switch cuts power without interrupting the daisy-chain
ROW POWER 30 provides more than enough power for a 84HP or 104HP row of modules.
ROW POWER 40 is suited for up to 2 typical eurorack rows
Ultra-clean: Each rail is separately regulated with high-grade components
Runs cool: ROW POWER is efficient so it won't heat up your system. Electronics like to chill!
Skiff-friendly: only 27mm (1.1") with power connectors installed.
CV/Gate headers for expansion
Blade tabs for power entry, to be used in custom installations (e.g. if the 4HP panel is not used)
Available in matte black, or white panel (limited time)


ROW POWER 30: +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 0.75A, +5V @ 0.5A
ROW POWER 40: +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 1.25A, +5V @ 1.5A
Powered by laptop-style DC power supply: 2.1mm barrel, positive center, 15V-20V.
A 90W power brick typially powers about 416HP (4 rows of 104HP).
Noise performance figures to be released


  • 別売り専用パワーサプライ

    Power Brick The first Row Power in your system must be powered with a Power Brick. We recommend the 90W brick (for sale anywhere Row Powers are sold). This plugs into the front of the Row Power
  • Row PowerからRow Powerに電源供給 Regulated

    Daisy Chaining: After the first Row Power module, you can daisy-chained additional Row Powers, typically up to 3-5 Row Powers with a 90W power brick. Daisy-chaining requires a barrel-to-barrel power jumper cable (available anywhere Row Powers are sold).
  • 各使用例
4ms Row Power 40

販売価格: 17,400円

重さ: 1lb


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