SNAZZY FX Dronebank

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this module was designed with a very specific purpose in mind. born out of a need to find the space in between tones. to achieve pulsing. wider droning. wanting to be able to fit the power of many oscillators into a little package. it isn't a crazy cv laden feature monster. but it doesn't need to be. it does what it is asked to do over and over and again.

five low harmonic triangle oscillators.
five pitch knobs.
five outputs and a mix out

this has a very different sound than a squarewave based multi-oscillator. the dronebank breathes and moves. create chords, gate the tones, filter them, ring modulate. use it as an fm source, combine it with delay, let it hypnotize you. most importantly, make music with it. or use it for mind control experiments.


SNAZZY FX Dronebank



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