4ms Autonomous Bassline Kit DIY キット

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New Version 1.0.3!
The Autonomous Bassline Generator is part of the Andromeda Space Rocker series of IR-syncable noise-making gear. Each device can sync to other ASR devices by pointing their infrared sensors/emitters together. ASR devices are also light-sensitive, so a chain of beat-synced devices and be "played" by waving a flashlight over them to highlight individual sounds.

Other ASR devices include:

Andromeda MKI Analogue Drum (damped sine wave) From Eric Archer. Tunable classic synth-drum sounds with 16 preset rhythm patterns and photocell-controlled filters
Andromeda MKII Analogue Drum (filtered noise burst) From Eric Archer. Same sequencer patterns as MKI, with primitive electronic snare drum / cymbal / handclap sounds
Andromeda Mk-4 Analogue Drum (resonant bass drum) From Eric Archer. Programmable loop sequencer triggers a resonant analog bass drum with adjustable pitch & decay time + photocell controlled pitch envelope.
MIDI IR sync converter. From Wooster Audio. Allows you to sync chains of ASR noisemakers with a MIDI Clock (including burst modes, clock division switches, and more!)
Nebulophone keyboard synt from Bleep Labs. Arpeggiating arduino-based stylus keyboard
4ms Autonomous Bassline Kit DIY キット

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