4ms Nocto Loco DIY キット

4ms Nocto Loco DIY キットを組み立てる全てのパーツが入っております。

Nocto Loco:

Octave: select 1/2/3 octaves down
Unity: switch in your pre-octave-shifted signal for more definition
Pulse speed: select 4/5/6 octaves down, for frequency-dependant pulsing tremolo effect
Pulse: dial in the amount of pulse/tremolo effect
Volume: output level
Loco: stomp into noise insanity, shifting noise oscillations to the audible range
Bypass: true-bypass for ultra-clean sound when it's off
True-bypassed with LED indicator (3PDT stomp).
LED is green for normal mode, red for Loco mode
9VDC powersupply included (USA orders).
Steel 4" square box.

4ms Nocto Loco DIY キット

販売価格: 13,500円

重さ: 3lb


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