4ms Pods 48X Powered w/Power Brick

Low-cost, portable, compact enclosure that turns Eurorack modules into table-top instruments.

The Pod48X is 48HP with 2.00" (51mm) of available module depth. The built-in power supply has four power connectors and can be daisy-chained to other Pods. More power connectors can be added with the Multi Power Cable accessory.


48HP Pod, black anodized aluminum
Built-in power supply with two Eurorack power headers
M3 x 8mm pan-head screws, stainless steel (10)
Adhesive rubber feet (4)
Does not include barrel cable
Power Supply:

Four 16-pin Eurorack power shrouded headers
+12V max 1.4A
-12V max 0.65A
+5V max 0.5A
Power input: Two barrel jacks for daisy-chaining
15V-20VDC, 2.1mm positive tip
Exterior dimensions:

Width: 248.3mm (9.78")
Height: 159.5mm (6.28")
Depth: 53mm (2.08")
Interior dimensions:

Max module depth: 50.8mm (2.00")
Module width: 48HP

0.35kg = 12oz


  • *使用例(モジュールは別売りです...)
4ms Pods 48X Powered w/Power Brick

販売価格: 18,900円

重さ: 3lb


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