3Leaf Audio CHROMATRON(新発売!)


クロマトロンは、3Leaf Audio が10年間を掛けて可変フィルタ回路の微調整、再解析、再想像をした結果生まれた集大成です!
エンベロープ検出はオリジナルデザインで、ヴィンテージ クワックから未来風シンセ サイケデリックまで広範囲のトーンに及ぶ音楽的なフィルターレスポンスを生成します〜
エクスプレッションペダル スイープは、スムーズでプログレッシブなように微調整されており、シンセライクなフィルターの動きを実現します。

The Chromatron is the result of 10 years tweaking, refining and reimagining the state variable filter circuit. It is an optically-controlled analog filter that can switch between envelope control and manual control via expression pedal with the push of a button. The envelope detector is an original design, producing a musical filter response that spans a broad range of tones from vintage quack to future-synth psychedelica.

It can switch seamlessly between envelope control and manual control via expression pedal, unlocking psychedelic tones and textures that will surprise and inspire. It features an original envelope detector circuit that follows your instrument dynamics in a musical way, and a low-noise signal path using only audiophile-grade components.

Press the MODE footswitch and the filter cutoff is controlled manually via expression pedal. The expression pedal sweep has been fine-tuned to be smooth and progressive, allowing you to achieve lush, synth-like filter movement.
3Leaf Audio CHROMATRON(新発売!)

販売価格: 39,900円

重さ: 2lb


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