Make Noise QMMG Black(限定入荷、Coming soon!)

メイクノイズ10周年記念〜 ブラックで限定復活のQMMG!
(限定入荷、Coming soon! その後、生産予定は現時点ではなし...)

The Quad Multi-Mode Gate music synthesizer module is a huge riff on the original Buchla 292 Quad Lo-Pass Gate, including a Mix Out and all of the original feature set. The QMMG offers additionally: HiPass mode, Voltage Controlled Feedback, Direct Coupling and Normalizations so that multiple channels may easily be used together to create Bandpass Gates, steeper HP, BP or LP Filters or even something like a traditional Synthesizer Voice Architecture.
The QMMG contains no fewer than 8 Vactrols!

The 2018 black and gold reissue of the QMMG is functionally identical to the original. The Top board was re-engineered to use analog pots for mode selection instead of analog switches. The only change to the bottom board is the addition of reverse power protection. The signal path and circuit have not changed.

A Classic returns!

Vintage voiced, all analog

Four independent vactrol-based channels

Multiple modes per channel: VCA, Low-Pass Gate, Low-Pass Filter, or High-Pass Filter

SUM out for easy mixing

Flexible normalizations for easy creation of dual-peak filters, East Coast voices and more

Powerful feedback circuit acts differently depending on mode

Pairs well with MATHS and DPO

Width: 24hp
Max Depth: 32
65mA @ +12V
65mA @ -12V


Make Noise QMMG Black(限定入荷、Coming soon!)

販売価格: 74,900円

重さ: 1lb


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