2hp LFO v2

LFO v2.
New layout, twice the functionality, and price reduction.
Added dedicated output for the secondary waveforms, higher quality DAC on the outputs, and increased the rate range.

LFO is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator. 8 waveforms are available with smooth morphing between each, allowing for complex and unique patterns.

In addition to sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waveforms on the primary output, four alternate waveforms are accessible simultaneously via the secondary waveform output. The alternate waveforms have been designed with modulation in mind and provide an innovative voltage source to use on filters, oscillators, and everything else.

Animate your modulations with LFO.

Wide frequency range: 30 second cycle to audio rate
2 Simultaneous outputs
Smoothly blends between waveforms
Reset input for syncing to clock source
Skiff friendly
2hp LFO v2

販売価格: 10,900円

重さ: 1lb


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