WMD Geiger Counter Pro LE(限定5台)完売...

WMD - Geiger Counter Pro -

そして、今回の発売を記念にLE(Limited Edition)として限定50台のみ“Black/Blue Ice”カラーで登場!T-shirts付き
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既にレジェンドとなっているWMD社のビットクラッシング エフェクター “GEIGER COUNTER”…
そのアドバンスバージョンである”GEIGER COUNTER PRO”が6年の開発を経て遂に完成!

・256の新しいウェーブテーブル! (合計512ウェーブテーブル)
・ウェーブテーブル "モーフィング"
・標準的な "ボス"スタイルの9V電源で駆動

・サイズ:5.8 "x 4.75" x 2.5 “(inch)
・エクスプレッション:10k〜100k linear/TRS接続
・リレー True Bypass

Coming soon since 2011, the Geiger Counter pro is finally a reality.

All of the classic tone and digital destruction of the original plus tons of new useful features, this is the most powerful pedal WMD has made to date.



A note from William:

The Geiger Counter Pro is the final evolution of my bit crusher concept.

We added many features that were impossible before technology caught up. The Pro edition stays true to the original’s brutality, but refines the user experience, and extends its capabilities.

The GCP took six years to develop. In 2011 I designed it to have menus and a bunch of features hidden within, but it was clunky and unpleasant to operate. So it was shelved for a while, and in 2014 I started again from scratch. This time I brought every feature to the surface.

I couldn't be happier to finally share the fruits of this labor.


- 256 new wavetables! (512 wavetables in total)

- Wavetable "Morphing"

- 16 foot switchable and MIDI switchable Presets

- Proprietary VST for control via computer

- Easy to save and duplicate presets

- Full MIDI control over all parameters

- 2 assignable CV inputs

- Dry/Wet Mix

- End of chain Low Pass Filter

- Powered by a standard "boss" style 9V supply.

Power: 9VDC Center Negative (BOSS Standard) 150mA draw
Input Impedance: 380kOutput Impedance: 1k
MIDI standard input. Channel (1-8) internally selectable
CV Inputs: 0-5V. 50k Impedance. TS connection
Expression: 10k-100k linear. TRS connection
Upgradable via USB
Relay True Bypass
Dimensions: 5.8” x 4.75” x 2.5”
WMD Geiger Counter Pro LE(限定5台)完売...



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