The Tremotron is a "Dual" analogue tremolo that's like nothing you will have ever heard or thought possible in an analogue tremolo and consisits of individual control of Depth, Rate and Wave Shape on each tremolo.

What this means is you can set each tremolo at different speeds and they automatically sync in time with each other using the same syncopations. Tone and Volume are master controls for a darker or lighter sounding tremolo.

You can also save 4 presets within the pedal and save and recall 128 presets via MIDI input using any MIDI device including DAW,

Keyboard, Footswitch. An expression input allows you control via expression Depth, Rate and Shape of each tremolo, independently or separately. Meaning you can control one tremolo via expression why the other is fixed or both at the same time or individually.

Premium soft touch switches with relay switching and 5 pin MIDI input provide a professional solution to the control of the pedal with the ability to cycle through the inbuilt presets via pressing both footswitches.

Only the best components with premium ARM chips, Wima Caps, Audio grade potentiometers and custom encoders allow for a robust and professional device that will take analogue tremolo tones to places never before heard.

These are proudly manufactured by Stone Deaf in our factory based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

Expression Input assignable to Rate, Depth and Shape controls using a standard expression pedal (Can create and save all manner of analogue tremolo tones customised by the user)

4 on pedal user pre-sets and 128 MIDI recallable presets Allows you to save on board the pedal and recall up to 128 MIDI controlled presets using any standard MIDI controller.

Tap Tempo with Tap Wave Sync
(accurately sets the tempo of the pedal as well as Waveform syncing every time you tap. This means the waveform is always in time with the beat of a drummer or in sync with a delay, whether on or off the beat.

Analogue Controls for Tone and Level allowing fine tuning to fit sonically with the rest of your board. ( Intuitive tone and level controls to match your overall sound)

Variable Wave-shapes Sine, Square, Ramp, Reverse Ramp and more. including making your own. (allows you to make your own wave shapes and combine them together as a layer of sound over and above a standard tremolo)

Wave Shape Modulation - By Pressing each of the wave shape rotary encoders, you can add another ‘layer’ of volume modulation into the signal.
For example your Slow Sine Swell could have a fast Square modulation added to it for a sharper, more prominent tone. (The combinations of wave-shapes using this feature are practically endless and allow you to produce truly unique rhythms.)

Tap Divisions set to syncopate rhythm patterns over your playing and tempo)

9v DC Supply standard power supply friendly voltages of 200mA)

Ultra Bright LEDS for indication of preset banks and control. (Easy to see controls and intuitive design to sculpt your tone)
Standard midi control, allowing manipulation of:



All continuous controls such as Rate, Shape, Depth

Tap Divisions

The Current Draw of the Tremotron is about 200mA. It works off a 2.1mm centre negative (Boss Style) adaptor.

The following power supplies are recommended:


Voodoo Labs

Power supplies should be fully Isolated.

販売価格: 35,900円

重さ: 3lb


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