Noise Engineering Sinc Iter

“repeated treasure”
Sinc Iter is a four HP voltage controlled oscillator with 23 octaves of range. It has three different waveform modes: noise, plain and super each of which allow continual morphing between waveforms. Front panel unipolar and bipolar outputs allow for easy use as a control source. Phase modulation and Sync modulation are both supported to provide maximal tonal variety. The Sinc Iter also has a built in quantizer.

23-Octave multi-mode voltage-controlled oscillator

Sinc - treasure - from Old english sinc "mime" with suffix -ic "pertaining to" "pertaining to mimes"

Iter - repeat - from Latin itero "repeat"

"repeated treasure"

Size: 4HP Eurorack
Depth: 1.5 Inches
Power: 2x8 Eurorack
Draw +12V: 150 / 80
Draw -12: 5 / 5
Draw +5v: 0 / 90


Noise Engineering Sinc Iter



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